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What Are Pay Per Call Networks?

A pay per call network is a performance-based marketing strategy that connects brands and consumers. It involves three parties: the advertiser, the consumer, and the publisher (or affiliate).

This type of marketing strategy can help you generate more qualified leads with less effort. It works best for service-based businesses, such as astrology readings, pest control, debt settlement, and car insurance.

Cost per call

Pay per call networks connect marketers with qualified leads via phone based on a performance model. These leads are sourced from an array of marketing channels including mobile, TV, print, radio and more. The success of this type of marketing strategy is rooted in high-intent customer demand. These customers are looking for help with complex products and services such as insurance, home or auto repair and medical care.

Using a pay per call network can reduce advertising costs and deliver better conversion rates than online lead sources. This is because people are more likely to buy a product or service after speaking with a live person. Call analytics can also be used to improve caller experience and ensure that the sales process is optimized for each lead type.

Many pay per call networks utilize unique technologies to maximize the potential of their business models. These can include IVRs and voice prompts that allow callers to be categorized and routed by a number of criteria including time of day, location, landline or mobile, repeat caller and more. Callers can then be transferred to the best suited seller based on their needs.


Pay per call advertising is a performance marketing model that allows marketers to connect with high-intent consumers on the phone, boosting ROI. Unlike digital ads, where clicks are the currency, calls provide an immediate connection to customers and clients.

Using a call tracking number for each ad, media buyers can see how many calls their campaign generates and make adjustments accordingly. This helps them stay in compliance with state and federal regulations, including telemarketing and robocall laws.

For media buyers, the key to success is choosing a network with an extensive tracking platform and rigorous publisher vetting process. This ensures that they will be able to connect with qualified leads on a performance basis, while maintaining brand integrity and ensuring an optimal customer experience. With the right network, media buyers can achieve unparalleled reach and a higher return on investment. In addition, they can test new publishers and campaigns with minimal risk. They can also expand their reach to international markets without incurring additional costs. This way, they can maximize their revenue and grow their business quickly.


Pay per call is a scalable marketing strategy that allows businesses to connect directly with consumers who want to purchase their product or service. It works best for businesses that require a human touch, including insurance, travel agencies, home services and auto repair shops. It also works well with other high-consideration products and services that often include phone interaction, such as financial or legal services.

Rather than hiring a full-time marketing or sales team, organizations contract with performance marketers to generate qualified calls, resulting in cost-effective lead generation. These calls can be generated across a wide variety of digital and traditional marketing channels, such as paid/mobile search, display advertising, SEO, email and even radio and print media. Invoca’s AI automatically analyzes each call to ensure that they meet quality requirements, allowing affiliates to focus their efforts on delivering vetted leads.

The three main parties in a pay per call model are the advertiser (brand), the consumer and the publisher (affiliate). Retreaver can track calls back to their original campaign using unique click IDs, and match them to the best-matched buyer based on contact attributes such as geolocation, affiliate ID, offer, product and segment.

Unique technologies

Pay per call networks use a variety of unique technologies to deliver performance marketing to advertisers. They offer unique call tracking, attribution, and analytics capabilities to help advertisers optimize their calls. These technologies also allow publishers to monetize their calls and increase the value of each campaign.

Some of the most popular methods of promoting pay per call offers include SMS, TV and radio. These methods can be highly effective and scalable. However, it is important to remember that the ads must be compliant with TCPA guidelines. Similarly, text messages should be used only when the subscriber has already opted in to receive promotional texts and has agreed to do so.

Other innovative ways to promote pay per call campaigns include integrating them into apps and using digital billboards. This type of promotion is especially effective for high-consideration products or services. Examples include insurance, home services, and tax debts. It can also work for retailers that sell products or services that require a human touch. For example, a retailer may need to explain a complicated policy to the customer.

Low risk experimentation

Pay per call works well for lead generation in industries that require a human touch during the sales process, such as insurance, financial services, travel and home services. It also works well for high-consideration products or services, such as a new car or mortgage. While most consumers prefer texting and internet conversations, phone calls remain reliable for scheduling appointments in showrooms, booking doctor’s appointments or completing other important transactions.

Moreover, API calls produce valuable data that could surface untapped revenue opportunities. IT managers should consider implementing simple data-mining initiatives to unlock these valuable resources. Some may require extensive programming, while others can be accomplished with a little tweaking to existing tables.

Similarly, managing a pay-per-call program requires a significant amount of data. It is essential to monitor and optimize campaigns for compliance and a great customer experience. To do this, marketers must establish and enforce strict compliance practices early and regularly. This includes proactively reviewing affiliate partner creatives and analyzing call sources. In addition, they must be familiar with CFPB regulations and state laws regarding telemarketing and robocalls.

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